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If you have purchased a Notary Supply & Services Package from,
you are eligible to be listed here for 1-year at no charge!
Purchase must be made after 1/1/2015.

Notary Gold Package

If you have not purchased the Notary Supply & Services Package
and want to purchase 1-year on this list ($30), click here.

If you have already purchased your Notary Supplies & Services Package from,
follow these Instructions for your listing.

You must first activate your account by phone at 909-915-1201. The staff will verify the date of your purchase and the representative will enable your account. You may then proceed to activating your profile.

To access your profile after your account has been verified: (please be sure to contact us first!):

Select Members Login and then enter your first name, last name, email address and password you used when you purchased your placement. If you do not remember your password, it can be automatically sent to you at the email address you used originally.

Once you have logged in, modify your information as required. NOTE!!! You MUST list your commission expiration date in order to show up on the listing. You will also need to select at least one county at the bottom of the profile form in order to be found by a search. Don't forget to UPDATE your changes.

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